Internet Helps Kids? What The Marshmallow Test Revealed

We may need to rethink the concerns we have about today’s youth and the internet. When the Marshmallow Test of the 1960s was redone in the 2000s, researchers were shocked at the results. They found that modern children were able to wait on average 2 minutes longer than kids of the 60s. And they think the internet is the reason why.

Why is this important and what happened to modern children that helps them to wait longer?

Children who waited longer in previous studies correlated with better future outcomes because they could delay gratification. Some child development theorists believe that these new results prove a few things, the positive impact of technology being one of them.

Their theory is that technology has increased the brain power of today’s children. Technology helps to develop skills such as abstract thought and conceptual thinking. These same skills help with delaying gratification.

It seems that interacting with screens has actually had a positive impact on children, while most adults thought it would do the opposite. Because the presence of technology is increasing in both the home and the classroom, it is good to know that technology can actually help our children.

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