We Are Still Fighting For Women’s Rights

We Are Still Fighting For Women’s Rights It’s 2022 and women around the globe are still fighting for equality. There have been huge strides made towards a fairer playing field, but there are still many areas to improve. As we settle into Women’s History Month, we must remember women’s...

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Valentine’s Day With The Kids​: 3 Ways to Show Love

holding hands

Valentine’s Day With The Kids: 3 Ways to Show Love Valentine’s Day sometimes focuses more on gifts than it does love itself. As our young ones begin to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom, make sure they understand that some of the best kinds of love aren’t always romantic...

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Black History Month: How To Explain It To Your Little Ones

birmingham kids

Black History Month–How to Explain It To Your Little Ones Black History Month is here! But what exactly is this month and how do you explain it to your kids? Thanks to Carter G. Woodson Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate African-American people. It is a...

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Friends Matter During Covid- 19

FRIENDS MATTER DURING COVID-19 Students and children alike have practically had their social lives disrupted by the Covid-19 lockdown, social distancing and quarantining. Although, the imposed regulations have been set in place for our protection. It is still essential for parents to ensure their children maintain a healthy balance...

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