Returning to in person learning can make even the coolest kid feel like they are returning to a foreign country. The past year of virtual school has created unique learning and social challenges which have required parents to think outside the box when navigating this new normal. Parents and students have become accustomed to working in their pajamas and may have skipped a day or week of face washing and daily baths. Although this lax attitude can be comfortable and familiar, it does not translate well to dealing with people outside of your immediate household. As the world slowly returns to normal, and social norms are expected to be followed (cue Target shopping trip for shirts with no holes) students and parents may start feeling the pressure of going back to school. Here are some easy tips to make the transition back to school a positive experience. 


A visit to the Barbershop or Beauty shop is a unique experience all its own. Kids can let their stresses melt away with each buzz or cut from the clippers. The Barber Shop/Beauty Shop allows kids to connect with adults on a purely social level where they can engage in positive dialogue and embrace their unique community. In a matter of hours kids can transform from being the shy, nervous kid going back to school to a child budding with confidence and swagger. “Barbershop” on KidNation accurately depicts the excitement and life changing experience going to the barber shop can have on a nervous child. Kids going back to school can trade their bed head, camera off Zoom days for a first day of school confidence booster. This important first day of school ritual should not be forgotten. Kids only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Be the catalyst which creates a lasting bonding experience for you and your child. 


Behind every successful student is a mom or dad who established a daily routine with their child. A successful routine doesn’t have to consist of military style morning PT or yelling commands at your child, but simply a schedule where kids know what to expect. Summer and social distancing may have created a chaotic schedule, but it doesn’t have to continue. Yes mom, that means you do have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to make sure lunches are ready and homework has not been eaten by the dog. “To Do List” by Kid Nation provides a catchy beat that makes even parents want to do their bed in the morning. “To Do List” encourages kids to get moving by making their bed, putting away dirty dishes and making sure basic chores are completed. Kids carry social clout and can encourage kids to complete tasks which may be ignored when asked by an adult. So do yourself and your household a favor and turn on KidNation’s jam ‘To Do List” to get the entire house into a routine and ready for back to school!



There is something special to be said about the relationship between a mother and her child. Mothers offer safety and comfort that no other friends or family members can provide. Many times, parents get so caught up in the hustle of new backpacks, dope shoes and class schedules they can overlook the vital mother-child relationship. Although kids may not always outwardly express their need for their parental figures, mothers are the very first connections children will make. Plan a special day to spend with your child before the first day of school. Something as simple as playing Fortnite together or going for ice cream in the neighborhood can be a valuable bonding experience. This may even allow you direct access into the secret world of your mysterious child. Uninterrupted bonding time will allow you to listen to the fears your child may have about returning to school or even offer role playing options for socially awkward scenarios. The viral hit “I Love My Mama” is a good reminder why children love their moms so much and a good reminder to moms that every successful relationship benefits from constant nurturing.


Virtual school and remote jobs have made our society less active than we were in previous years. Quarantine blues coupled with back-to-school jitters are even more reasons why students and parents should stay active. Studies have shown that physical activity not only increases our feel-good hormones, but also stimulates our brain. Exercise is just one way to encourage positive teamwork and build communication skills. So, dust off your best Flossy moves and have a dance off with the kids. Challenge the kids to a neighborhood hike complete with a picnic once the peak is reached! Make a Tik Tok video and recreate some of the epic dance moves they make look so easy! Whatever you do, have fun! These easy changes can help the whole family to “Stay in Shape” and are a great way to build strong relationships and ensure your child has a successful school year.

The start of a new school year does not have to be unknown territory. KidNation gives kids and parents the tools to confidently explore today’s ever evolving cultural, social and educational landscape. KidNation understands the need for a fun and wholesome platform and has implemented curated content which can honor the needs of parents and kids. Subscribing to KidNation and implementing these simple tips are positive ways parents can ensure their children have the best start possible when returning to school.


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